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Were the choices I made right?

  • Were the choices I made right?

In late winter 2010 we began plans to add an addition on to our home for my 87 year old Grandfather who was in the process of having his home foreclosed on. Budget was a huge factor but we wanted to create a separate space from our existing home to accommodate his needs and to give him a quiet place away from our young family. We decided on a 900 square foot addition consisting of a bedroom, living room, bath, walk in closet and eat in kitchen. In order to accomplish the transition from a single family home to a mother/daughter home we also needed to section off the rear of our garage and turn it into common space. This is now a laundry room that connects the existing house to the new addition.

We worked closely with our architect, Richard Gaffney , to ensure that the project would be functional, cost effective and a fairly easy structure to build. I am an HVAC technician and overall am a very handy person so I decided that I would do the mechanical work (plumbing, electrical, HVAC, cable, phones) and finish (roofing, siding, flooring, cabinetry, painting, install of bath fixtures, etc.) on the project myself.

We started pricing contractors to work on our building and decided to go with AJR Construction for the excavation and foundation. Not only were his prices the best around but he put in long hours and his work was phenomenal. Did I make the right choice there... Without a doubt, I did.

During the course of the excavating and foundation we began looking for a framing contractor. We got estimates and interviewed at least 15 local contractors. Most of which were seriously overpriced or under qualified. I believe in small business and wanted to give the work to a less commercialized contractor. Which left us with 2 choices out of the 15, CONTRACTOR A and David J Festa Carpentry. Their prices were both comparable to each other, they were both local contractors and they were both eager to do the job in the time frame we needed it done in. Our initial choice was CONTRACTOR A because their bid came in $1000 less then David J Festa Carpentry. Well.... Let’s just say that the old saying" Penny wise and Dollar foolish" gained new meaning to us.

By the 4th day on the job CONTRACTOR A made so many mistakes and wasted so much time and material that we had them removed from our property by the police. There was absolutely no chance of us EVER passing inspection for the work they had already completed. We then called David J Festa Carpentry in to assess the situation and evaluate what needed to be done to correct the mistakes and finish our project on time without putting us into bankruptcy. 2 hours after the call Dave came over and began looking over what had been done. He was non-judgmental, he started ripping things apart right away and REMEMBER ... at this time we still haven't even signed a contract with him! To me this was a pretty noble thing to do.

After talking with Dave we then realized that the reason his original estimate was $1000 more than CONTRACTOR A because he had spoken to our architect several times about changes that needed to be made to the plans in order to pass inspection and to make the building more structurally sound. Obviously, if we had known that we would have used him from the beginning. So we got the contract drawn up and signed the papers to have him complete the job right.

So the project was back in motion now and finally running smoothly. Not only were things progressing properly but Dave also gave suggestions to make the addition more esthetically pleasing and transition it into the existing home more smoothly without any additional costs to us. Aside from the excellent work done by David J Festa Carpentry , he was always willing to help out or answer questions with the many areas of the project that I took on myself. To this day Dave still stops by on occasion to see how I am doing with things and lends a hand if I need it

My view on David Festa the man.... He is a hard working, motivated individual who loves what he does. The harder the project the more satisfied he is when he completes it. Very rarely do you come across an individual like this. There are far too many people in the world who go to work to just collect a paycheck and don't care about quality or craftsmanship. Dave is not one of those people!

David J Festa Carpentry did an excellent job of correcting the mistakes that were made by CONTRACTOR A. Thanks to David Festa Carpentry our project was finished by our deadline. The work performed was extraordinary; Dave and his crew were meticulous and put a lot of pride into getting the job done the right way. He worked closely with us to ensure that we would be satisfied with the final outcome of the project. He took the time to address any questions or concerns we had through the project. I would certainly recommend him to friends and family (in fact I have) and would not even consider using any other contractor but David J Festa Carpentry LLC in the future.

Jason & Bobby

  • Removed plywood to repair improper cut & installed rafters

    Rafter framing was so poorly built that we had to remove the plywood to correct the previously installed rafters.

    When hiring a framing contractor ask to see previous customer projects

  • Gaps are the first sign of trouble

    If you see gaps like this you may have a problem with your current contractor

  • Rafters not “Full bearing” on roof sleepers

    • Rafters not properly supported to existing roof

    • Rafter should have “Full Bearing” on lower board

    What you’re looking at is a disaster waiting to happen.

    This is not how to properly support rafters joining two roof systems together.

    If not corrected this would have caused structural failure

  • No gaps should be present between board members

    What you’re looking at is a disaster waiting to happen.

    This is not how to properly support rafters to the main ridge

    If not corrected this would have caused structural failure

    Over time these improperly cut rafters would have collapsed


  • Major problem here  

    • Wrong!

    • Correct

    Major problem here  

    If not corrected this would have caused a Hugh problem in the future.

    The only support given to these floor beams are the single 2x6 running across the concrete

    The picture on the right is the correct way to frame over an opening

  • Finally back on schedule  

    After a week of repairs we were able to correct the problems caused by the first framing contractor

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